Wassim Bou Maham – Vocals, Guittar
Marek Rizkallah – Drums
Pascal Sarkis – Bass
Hassim Dergham – Keys


Who Killed Bruce Lee, an outstanding band and one of the best live-acts of the year!

They are for sure one of the most extraordinary and exciting new bands in the international music business.

This Band is extraordinary in every way, be it their crazy band name and their exotic origin, or their sensation live show and their music, which is influenced by Indie, Rock and a big portion of Electronic. WHO KILLED BRUCE LEE is for sure, one of the most interesting newcomers on the international market.

Who are Who Killed Bruce Lee?

Wassim Bou Maham (voc, guit), Marek Rizkallah (drums, backings), Pascal Sarkis (bass, backings), Hassib Dergham (keys, backings) founded WKBL three years ago and are based in an old printery in the industrial area of Beirut.

They orientate themselves by bands like Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Beatles, LCD Soundsystem, The Strokes, Queen of the Stoneage, Foals, or JayZ. But although by lots of oriental artists like Abdel Halim Hafiz, Oum Kalthoum, Fairouz & Wadih al Safi.

The lesson is clear: WKBLs’ music is an emotional, cultural roller coaster ride through completely different musical styles. A lot of Rock ‘n’ Roll and synthesizer sound, paired with their unique groove and unconditional love to their work.

What makes them so special?

Obviously the name is the first eye catcher, then their exotic origin – the fewest European know how the music scene in Beirut works. Especially because of the brutal war from 1970-1990, Lebanon is a place of terrorism, devastation, war and violence to most foreigners. But the former “Paris of the middle east” has an outstanding and creative artist scene, in which WHO KILLED BRUCE LEE play an important role.

Therefore they were honored with the famous international ESQUIRE Magazine award “Esquire Man at his Best Awards” in the category “Musicians of the year” in November 2015 in Dubai!

They reached their breakthrough in Lebanon through winning the Red Bull Soundclash in Beirut. Since then they are on the fast track. Red Bull kept supporting the likeable guys from Beirut and let them produce first demos for their debut album “Distant Rendezvous”, which will be released on 26.02.2016 (in Europe via NetMusicZone Records/RoughTrade), in the Red Bull studios in Paris.

In July 2015 they were invited to perform with the Lebanese Symphony Orchestra live at the Beirut spring festival, on the venerable Martyre Square in the heart of Beirut, as the first rock act to do so. The festival celebrated 100 years of cultural diversity in Lebanon and commemorated the 10th obit of Samir Kassir.

Now the WHO KILLED BRUCE LEE virus spreads beyond the boundaries of their home country.

In September 2015 they moved to Berlin and started to record “Distant Rendezvous” in the Riverside Studios. The album was produced by the famous Australian producer Victor Van Vugt (e.g. Nick Cave, Depeche Mode, Kylie Minouge, PJ Harvey). The Album is a memento of the golden times in Beirut, which so many people in Lebanon want to have back.

During their stay in Germany WKBL performed in the German club scene for the first time and deeply impressed the promoters and the crowd. Be honest were you ever called by enthusiastic promoters after every concert from a newcomer? This happened to WHO KILLED BRUCE LEE!

Furthermore Joko and Klaas from Circus HalliGalli became aware of WKBL recently and invited them to perform live at their show, in front of an audience of millions on the national German television – without a label deal!

Result from this trip: during the short tour the band got 50 more concert inquiries, so that they can announce a big spring tour in 2016 with over 30 shows.

Accolade: the beads in the music scene still exist, bands that don’t fit in any known format and fascinate every crowd and promoter! Stay tuned!

The Debut-Album “Distant Rendezvous” will be released in Europe on 26.02.2016.


  • “Who Killed Bruce Lee EP”, released December 12, 2012
  • “Room For Three”, released October 22, 2013
  • “Gypsy King”, released March 30, 2015
  • “Distant Rendezvous” (Album), will be released February 26, 2016


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