Record Business - Wir bringen Künstler in den deutschen Markt

Netmusiczone Records

Your entry to the German and European market.
Brainstorm creates realistic opportunities for young talents to gain foothold in the music business. With in-depth and targeted development and extensive coaching, we pave the way to access the market. This can be accomplished with an external major or independent label contract or by signing to our own Netmusiczone label.

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Plug In Label

Rent your own label and hold your rights in your hands.

More and more excellent musicians cannot get signed to major labels. Many do not want to lose control of their rights in a so-called 360° agreement. There are alternatives. We offer a complete label setup for an uncomplicated fee or a share of the profit – simple and fair.
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THE NEW ROSES - on tour with KISS in the Bahamas and Jamaica

Excellent news rights the THE NEW ROSES camp in the past days. After THE NEW ROSES had already been invited by KISS for 3 shows in the USA last year and had been chosen as one of the best bands of THE KISS KRUISE, now THE KISS KRUISE has been invited again to rock THE KISS KRUISE.


CYPECORE - announce festivals!

The Mannheim Sci-Fi metalheads CYPECORE are on everyone's lips. In addition to Germany, the guys are also on stage in the UK and France.


BLITZ UNION - announce the release of their first single!

There are still the rock bands who are not only loud but also have a socially critical message and that is important.
BLITZ UNION is a new visionary music project and creative force that combines infectious EDM elements with electrifying Rock and Roll.


DIRTY SHIRT - release their new video "Killing Spree"!

In Romania DIRTY SHIRT is one of the biggest rock/metal bands since couple of years. These guys are mixing traditional balkan music with hard metal riffs and heavy grooves in their own way.



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