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Brainstorm creates realistic opportunities for young talents to gain foothold in the music business. With in-depth and targeted development and extensive coaching, we pave the way to access the market. This can be accomplished with an external major or independent label contract or by signing to our own Netmusiczone label.

Current acts at the start block with NETMUSICZONE RECORDS


Album “Light Is The New Black”
Release: 16. March of 2012

Album “Light Is The New Black
Release date: 16.03.2012

After the successful debut album “Black Space Riders”, the space trip is going to continue into the second round with an official new team. Brainstorm records, Rough Trade and the touring agent X-WHY-Z have concluded a partnership deal to heavily support the BLACK SPACE RIDERS. The band's second album “Light Is The New Black” will be released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as digi-pack CD and deluxe vinyl double album on 16 March 2012.

After the in rock and metal (also international) circles critically acclaimed debut, the Riders will present their expansion of musical ideas in their new release. The musical drawers of Progressive/Stoner/Space/Doom barely do justice to what's happening on the new album.

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The Stories

Album “Vainforest
Release: 06. May of 2011

They're young, they're wild, they're hungry! The Stories gallop through Germany's rock scene kicking up a lot of dust. Just 19 years old and only together for two years, they have already cut heads with many seasoned bands.

Kick-off started already in 2005 with the first EP “Minutes of Animation”. Numerous indie radio stations jumped at the high-energy mix, somewhere between Refused, Beatsteaks and The Hives. Extensive airplay catapulted THE STORIES onto stage – where the four dudes around eccentric frontman Vincent Jetset feel completely at home. The bigger – the better! Good enough for the extroverted showman to go on a rampage and showcase the energetic alternative rock tunes with full physical vigor.

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The Freudian Slip

Album „Positive/Negative
Release: 29. April of 2011

The Freudian Slip is a duo from Denmark dedicated to Indie Rock. Noah Rosanes (guitar/vocals) and Mikkel Benn (drums) are among the most extraordinary artists in Scandinavia. As a duo they forge ahead on stage and on recordings like a four-piece band. Loud independent rock with fat guitar sounds and driving beats.
The Freudian Slip were founded 2006 with the idea of turning the music biz upside down. They run against the mill musically as well as business-wise. Instead of finding a local record company, they have simply set up their own. Success proved them right! The result: good CD and download sales, numerous shows and airplay on Danish radio stations.

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Album „Feuerengel”
Release: 29. January of 2011

After being founded in 2004, several local gigs and a self-produced demo, GEIST kicked into gear across the nation in 2004. Appealing to users of internet portals and live audiences (among others the Alive Festival and the Kölner Ringfest), GEIST has continually expanded its fanbase. The attention of radio stations, newspapers, magazines and Internet broadcasters – even in the US – was drawn to the band and resulted in contributions to numerous compilations.

The album “Für alle Zeit” (Danse Macabre Records/Alive, released 30.03.2007) was a giant step into the public eye. The video to the single “Wer, wenn nicht ich” was called up thousands of times. Incredible media attention with high critical acclaim across genres went hand in hand with an extensive German tour in 2007/8 (Bochum Total, Popkom, etc.), which caused great attention and convinced audiences of the prowess of the band. In 2008 GEIST published an unplugged EP, while continuing their touring schedule. Worldwide feedback does not cease.

After a long and intense song-writing and production process, the new release “Feuerengel” (Fatianol Records/Rough Trade, released 28.01.2011), eagerly awaited by the public and media alike, hit the public in January 2011. A nation-wide tour and festival booking in summer lay the ground for the band's next step. How far they will go is in the hands of the fans.

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Album „III“
Release: 08.October of 2010

Mayfield are musical nomads from the area of greater Adelaide in Southern Australia.

The friendly Aussies have toured the world for the last three years and from 1 February on they will stay in Germany, living on a bus purchased on Ebay for 1000 English pounds, enabling them to tour the UK, the Benelux and Germany. Musically, MAYFIELD is dedicated to Alternative Rock. On the current German tour they have made new friends. MAYFIELD toured twice with EMIL BULLS in sold-out clubs and along with the BULLS establish new friendships wherever they go.

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CYPECORE released their new video "Dreamsmasher"!

Before the band CYPECORE starts songwriting, the guys close the chapter “The Alliance” with the new music video “Dreamsmasher”!


DISCONNECTED - released their new single „Unstoppable“ incl. video!

The french modern metal band DISCONNECTED released their first single „Unstoppable“ from their upcoming second album which will be released in early 2021.


FIGHTER V - confirmed as Special Guest for the AXEL RUDI PELL Tour!

FIGHTER V caused quite a stir with their debut album “Fighter”, which was released in October 2019 via Rock Attack Records/Cargo. The following tour with THE NEW ROSES brought the band a lot of people right at the beginning and surely many new fans as well.


ARIANA SAVALAS - released her video "Memory" from the upcoming album "The Dead Dance"

Currently, ARIANA SAVALAS is still in Hamburg as act and host at Cornelia Poletto's PALAZZO until the beginning of March.
On 28.02.2020 the American will release her debut album “The Dead Dance” internationally via Telly's Pop Records / Cargo!



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